Down on the farm Did you know – it is only six more weeks until the 62nd North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo starts

Fall Fair

To the editor:

Pick up your catalog around town so you can see what can be entered this year.  On rainy days the kids, (or adults), could be drawing, coloring, baking, sewing, or there are many other things that you can be getting ready to take to the fair.

Our theme this year is Down on the Farm. We hope that this theme will inspire crafters to make some interesting creations. Hopefully, it will also inspire the businesses to decorate and help us celebrate Fall Fair weekend.

There will be new sights on the grounds this year; our new Agriplex should be erected by then. We also have new vendors and some real interesting food experiences.

Be sure to check out our garden on the grounds. We have new volunteers and it sounds like there will be a lot of interesting things for new and old gardeners to learn about.

I always get so excited about the fair. My favourite time is in the morning when you can hear all the livestock waking and demanding attention. I love watching the 4-Hers walking their sheep through the grounds. The sights, sounds and smells of the fair will bring a smile to your face.

I think we should have a new category in the fair for the tallest weeds. I went away for while and came back to my own garden with weeds taller than my potato plants. I can’t find the carrots, and I don’t remember where I planted onions. However, we did have a great feast of spinach.

Come to the fair, visit with friends, be a participant or a spectator. Be part of the excitement.

See you at the fair.

Donna Kibble

President, North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association.