Dr. Bob MacKenzie retirement


To the editor:

I am sure that many residents of North Thompson Valley will want to join me in congratulating Dr. Bob Mackenzie on his retirement. He will be very much missed after taking care of our health for so many years; we have been so privileged with all our doctors, and we are grateful. The hospital and the clinic are so important to the community, for ongoing medical care, family practice, and emergencies. And all the babies who were delivered in the “old hospital” brought much happiness to us all. It was also a good place to work. Dr. Mackenzie has always been so very caring and professional, and I learned so much from working with him. I am sure that you agree that he deserves his retirement and hope that he enjoys it to the utmost.

While I have the opportunity, I would like to warmly welcome Clearwater’s new Dr. Mathilde Stuart, and hope that she will enjoy living and practicing here for many years.

Barbara Ferguson

Clearwater, B.C.