Drivers need to change their habits

Drivers need to change their habits

Photo radar should be returned to general use

To the editor:

Changes are required in the habits of drivers to keep our ICBC rates at an affordable level.

It seems drivers are much more aggressive, causing more accidents on our highways. Drivers who disregard our traffic laws should pay much higher fines. Anyone driving at more than two times the posted speed should be arrested and their vehicle impounded. Their licenses should be suspended for a one-year minimum, and their vehicle seized and become the property of the Province.

To help our police in catching these drivers, photo radar should be returned to general use and all traffic light intersections should have cameras. Blood alcohol levels should be reduced to 0.5.

With the use of marijuana shortly to become legal, mandatory screening should be utilized, much the same as the blood alcohol testing currently being used. It is well known that marijuana delays reaction time, making it dangerous for all drivers on the road.

Distracted driving is causing many accidents, many of which are fatal. Some drivers focused on their cell phones still do not get the message!

The fines should be increased and doubled on any repeat convictions.

It is my conviction that GPS screens are, at times, distractions just as significant as those from handheld or other portable devices.

Cal Groening