Drivers over 80 not necessarily the problem

letter to the editor from an older and wiser driver, Barriere - drivers over 80

To the editor;

This letter is to Mr. Sam MacLeon, Superintendant of MVBC.

Regarding: The drivers over 80 medical exam.

Dear Sir;

We older drivers are certainly a hazard on the road.

My goodness, we actually think that 90 km/ph, means 90 km/ph. So we really are in the way of the younger drivers who know that you meant 120 km/ph.

Oh, by the way, I was recently passed by a government of BC auto… you know, the ones identified by the letters and numbers on the left rear, who was clearly smarter than me.  He/she was doing 100 in the 90 zone and obviously knew that the two solid lines painted in the middle of the road meant pass very fast in case another younger driver was coming around the blind corner doing the same thing; and was really annoyed at the foolish older driver for forcing her/him to pass on the other side of the road.

So, yes, let’s get these older drivers off the road, and they may be lucky enough to outlive the smarter younger drivers.

In closing, Sir… I am a retired police officer, who spent 10 plus years in the traffic division.  You know the ones we used to have who’s job it was to see that we were safe on the roads.  So, instead of targeting all older driver, why not use the money and resources to actually get the unsafe drivers off the road.

Unfortunately, a previous government created ICBC and, like all government started programs, the people in charge get too much power.  And with all due respect, they are well intentioned, but ignorant of the way to handle unsafe drivers… put the traffic police back on the road and we will get most of the unsafe drivers off of the road.

An Older and Wiser Driver


Barriere, B.C.