Effort and energy needed for Pinnacle Pellet Co.

letter to the editor from Mel Schmidt, Barriere - Effort and energy needed for Pinnacle Pellet Co.

To the editor;

What have our mayor and council been doing?  I hope they have put some effort and energy in trying to get Pinnacle Pellet Co. to put their new mill in Barriere.

I read in the Kamloops Daily that Pinnacle was trying to put a plant in Chase, B.C., but the property there would have to be rezoned, whereas in Barriere, we have industrial zoned land.

A $40 million mill would be a great help to the tax base but, boy, what a boost to our economy it would be to have 15 good paying jobs in the plant, plus 20 plus outside.

I have dealt with Pinnacle Pellet mills and they are a good company and a pellet mill is a clean industry.

Their slogan is “Using our resources wisely”.

I am sure a development officer would have been after this mill.

If Barriere needs anything, it is more good, year round, steady employment, which a plant like this would bring.

A little bit about the pellet industry: in 1990 there was only one pellet mill operating in B.C.  Now there are many.  In 2004, B.C. exported three million tons of pellets to Sweden and exports have expanded greatly since then.

The domestic market keeps on growing, as pellets are very clean burning fuel, economical in price, a renewable resource, and a beautiful warm heat.

It would be nice to see that plant in Barriere.

Mel Schmidt,

Barriere, B.C.