Elementary student’s aunt voices concerns about school bullying

letter to the editor from a concerned aunt, Barriere - concerns about school bullying

To the editor;

I have a niece who is currently going to school here at Barriere Elementary School.

She has been having problems with being bullied in the past year, but it has now gotten worse. It has gotten to the point that the kids in her class are all ganging up on her saying “don’t touch that or you will get *****‘s germs”.

My niece has tried to inform her teacher about what is going on, and the teacher has just brushed my niece off and said that it is my niece’s fault.

We just had an anti-bullying day, and you would never think that we had, because these kids are still being cruel.

My niece is now asking to move to her dads place in another community.  All because of these kids bullying her, and the ones who are supposed to help (teachers) are saying it is her fault.

I’m just hoping that by sending in this letter that maybe other parents will talk to their kids about bullying; because I am sure they would not like their kids coming home from school asking to move due to being bullied.

A concerned aunt