Exlou residents cry for help to keep wayward swine off properties

Warn highway collision with pigs could take human life

To the editor;

We live in Exlou, which is on the highway in Louis Creek, B.C.

We have a serious pig problem here in our community that has been going on for two years.   Everyone in this community is being held prisoner on our own properties because of our neighbour’s pigs entering our properties and digging up our yards.

We’ve tried talking to the owner of the pigs and don’t get anywhere.

We have all tried every option available to get help with this problem.  We’ve fenced, put up gates – everything, and it all costs us a lot of money.

The pigs just keep digging up the ground and entering our yards.

We took up a petition and everyone signed it, but still nothing is done.

We contacted our MLA – nothing.  Phoned the SPCA – nothing.  Phoned Animal Cruelty – nothing.

We can’t count how many times we have called the RCMP – nothing.

We need help with getting some kind of action here!

These pigs are out of their property two to three times everyday. Everyone is fed up chasing pigs back to their property or off the road.

Everyone is frustrated and stressed out to the limit.

The pigs are getting killed on the Yellowhead Highway, and on the railroad tracks.

We have counted up to 19 pigs out on the highway at one time – this is not a one time event!

Now the pigs have recently started digging on the edge of the highway.

Someone is going to get killed on the highway because of these pigs – maybe that’s what the authorities are waiting for before they do something about this.  Unbelievable!

No one has started taking the law into their own hands yet!

Norman Heppner

Exlou, B.C.