Fall Fair scores 94%

North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo 2011 gets impressive evaluation from BC Fairs

To the editor;

I want to congratulate the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association on the fantastic evaluation that they received from the BC Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions Association for their 2011 fair.

Out of a possible 1,010 points overall they received 952, and that works out to 94 per cent.

The Executive Director of BC Fairs says this is one of the best evaluations she has ever seen.

Evaluators are chosen by the BC Fairs board, receive training,  and then are assigned specific fairs that they are to evaluate.

An evaluator will spend a day at each fair they are assigned. They talk with visitors, guests, exhibitors, and the volunteers that run the fair, and they look at everything offered during the event.

Fairs are assessed on many different things, ranging from cleanliness, safety, entertainment, community involvement, and exhibits.

The various sections are evaluated for overall presentation, signage and educational content. Each section has a possibility of a total of 15 points. Our exhibit hall, with all the canning, baking, vegetables, photos etc. received a lot of 15’s.

The evaluator of our fair this year was Robert Flume, who is also an insurance agent; he has been to many fairs in B.C., so I was really impressed when we received such a high score.  He would have looked really hard at everything contained on the fairgrounds for our event.

Robert said he loved the photo exhibit, as well as the canning, arts, crafts, and everything else in the hall. He spoke to the judge in the poultry barn (who thought the poultry exhibit was very well organized). He was impressed with the Llama display and was thrilled with the new North Thompson Agriplex.

He did a very thorough assessment and talked to as many of the conveners as possible.

Our overall site presentation scored 97 per cent, the agricultural and non-agricultural displays both scored 100 per cent, with the livestock sections total being 96 per cent and 4-H came through with a 95 per cent.

The evaluator couldn’t say enough good comments about our great team that works so hard to put on the fair.

I was unable to attend this year but have been hearing wonderful things about how great it was.

It is obvious that it was awesome when someone can come in and pick it apart and give such a fantastic evaluation.

Great work everyone.

Donna Kibble, director and past president

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association