Federal NDP supporting for small business

Small businesses in BC interior need more federal government support says Sundhu

To the editor;

Small businesses in the BC interior create good-paying, full-time middle class jobs and need more federal government support. We need policies and regulations that will help the manufacturing sector and small businesses create more jobs and ensure that our communities will weather the storm in the months and years ahead.

With more than 1.3 million unemployed Canadians and 200,000 more people out of work than before the recession, supporting small business by practical steps helps get the economy on track.  The Harper government has played favourites and put too many eggs in one basket – with falling oil prices, a budget in limbo, and neglecting a balanced economy.

Small businesses are responsible for nearly 40 percent of Canada?s GDP, employ more than 7.7 million Canadians, and created 78 percent of all new private sector jobs over the last decade.

This week federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair announced that an NDP government will trigger manufacturing investment by extending for an additional two years the accelerated capital cost allowance, scheduled to expire later this year.

Additionally, New Democrats will cut the Small Business tax rate from 11 per cent, to 10, and then 9 per cent to provide immediate and permanent help for Canada?s hard working small business owners who are the backbone of local communities.

These innovations directly benefit our communities when compared to the tens of billions of dollars the Conservatives have recklessly handed over to already profitable large corporations.

Bill Sundhu,

Federal NDP Candidate,


Home Address: Kamloops, B.C.