Fennell insulted by Mayor’s columns

letter to the editor from Mike Fennell, Barriere - Fennell insulted by Mayor’s columns

To the editor;

Mr. Mayor, I found your recent ‘As the mayor sees it’ column, titled “Learn from the past” quite insulting.

During the first four years, council blazed a path for Barriere that was bright with hope, enthusiasm, excitement, action, progress and teamwork.

Now this path is fraught with innuendo, divisiveness, accusations, bullying, threats, and possibly unnecessary debt.

You harp on negativity, in a number of your columns, directed at others.  It seems that a large majority of Barriere believes that it is you leading the negativity parade.

Mr. Mayor, why do you have such a fixation with me? Using your innuendo and sly comments, you have attacked me in over half of your 90 or so columns since being elected.

During this last 20 months, you have attacked my friends, my extended family, my children and my grandchildren; all who are not involved in politics.  You have even attacked my ability to use a weedeater, and by the way, we haven’t seen you use one yet.

I guess it is hard for you to keep your eyes on the road ahead when you are always looking over your shoulder at the great job that the previous council has done.  Do you think that if you minimize the work the that previous council has done, the inadequate work you are doing won’t be recognized?

When I was growing up, my educators always said “shoot for the stars and you will at least hit the moon”. In your last year in office, I would hope that at least you would shoot for the top of a tall tree and not the gutter.

Thank goodness there will be only 60 or so more columns that we in Barriere will have to struggle through before you are out of office.

Mike Fennell