Fennell says water line will go from 6”, to 10”, to 6” pipe

letter to the editor from Mike Fennell, Barriere - proposed new water line

To the editor;

Regarding the proposed new water line for part of Barriere Town Road.

Let’s see, the District of Barriere proposes that – the water will go a half kilometer through old 6 inch pipe.  Then the water will go through a half kilometer of new 10 inch pipe.  Then the water will go back into old 6 inch pipe for the remaining one-and-a-half kilometer.

It seems to me this is like putting only one winter tire on your car in October.

But at least we get an almost free sidewalk, at only $1300 per household.

Come on people, let’s hear what you think.

Mike Fennell

Barriere, B.C.