Fog and our moods

Fog and our moods

Did you ever notice how much the fog changes our outlook on a day?

I was noticing it when I went to pick up a lottery ticket the other day. Don’t judge, that is my redneck retirement fund!

The day outside held nothing but fog as far as the eye could see. There were dark clouds to go with it. Ugh!

There was no hustle and bustle or chatter. The stores were mostly deserted. It was a weekend too!

Everyone I encountered seemed to be sort of huddling into themselves. I know when the sun is shining people seem happier, and there are those who enjoy a walk in the rain. It is peaceful after all. The snow brings out those who ski and sled. There are lots of winter activities that bring those people outside.

I can honestly say that I don’t know a single soul who looks forward to a foggy day! Not one! I know that I shouldn’t say no one does, but do any of you? I know that I sure don’t! I am not sure exactly what it is.

I suppose the dimmer light and damp have a lot to do with it. I know there are technical terms and reasons, similar to the ones affecting those with the seasonal type disorders.

I was just pondering the differences when I went into the arena, and there, with no windows to look out but just a game to watch, were cheery people! It seemed that looking at it matters! At least somewhat.

Hmmm. I suppose like always, with the weather, there is not a darn thing we can do about it!

Rats! I know if I wanted to order some sunshine that Mother Nature would probably not listen to me anyway!

I have to say though that I did feel a little better with the fresh air. That helps too!

I suppose we will have to just go on about our days and turn our collars to the cold and damp like in the song….haha, do you know which one I mean?