food production, preservation and distributions methods on agenda at annual BCSFN gathering

Local and regional food producers are talking to each other and problem solving

to the editor;

Re- Annual Gathering for the BCFSN (BC Food Systems Network)

Indeed – food production, preservation and distributions methods are constantly changing.  New and sometimes seemingly better ways of getting food from the source to the consumer are being ‘marketed’ to the general public.

Grass roots farmers and health conscious consumers have realized that people; instead of getting healthier, are developing allergies and other ailments at an increasingly earlier age.  Local and regional food producers are talking to each other via the Internet, the written word and of course seeking opportunities to gather for face-to-face debates with each other.

July 5-8 is the Annual Gathering for the BC Food Systems Network – this year we are meeting at a Camp setting on a little island off Horseshoe bay at the coast.  Check out the web site for details and to register.

A water taxi will take us to a lovely secluded spot where we will hear from the real ‘experts’.  We know that the experts that we trust are those people who are members of the BCFSN, and/or who are working toward creating a sustainable food system.

Folks already registered represent ordinary back yard food producers, organic growers, nutritionalists, students, teachers and farmers.  We have attained support from Foundations, Individuals, Unions and Health Organizations. Yes – that means there is a limited amount of funding available for subsidies – but you have to register by June 8th – the end of the early bird registration period or you will unable to qualify.

So – what kinds of workshops/panels will you find? – Discussions on Slow Food, Governmental rules and regulations and Policy issues … Practical – hands on demonstrations and walks on the land. Discussions on current topics as well as plenty of opportunity to consider our history are always on the agenda. Many of us look forward to the annual gathering as a way to re-generate ourselves for the work in the year ahead.  As a member of the organizing committee I would like to invite each and every one of you to check out our web site and register to attend. Unfortunately we may not have the workshop schedule posted by June 8th – but I can assure you there will be information at the Gathering that will be of value and interest to all. Children and Spouses are welcome!

Cheryl Thomas

clearwater, b.c.