Getting home safely thanks to current road contractor

Open letter to the District of Barriere Mayor and Council

To the editor;

This is an open letter to the Mayor and Council of the District of Barriere.

I do not live in the district, nor do I own property in the district, therefore I have no say in the business of the district – but I do wish to be heard.

For the past three winters the portion of Dixon Creek Road between Barriere Town Road and Vista Point has been maintained by Murray Purcha and Son Ltd.  In this time I have not had one white knuckle ride down Dixon Creek Road.  Nor have I had to return home to get a four wheel drive vehicle because I was afraid if I did get to Barriere I would not get home in my little car.

With Murray maintaining the roads I have not had to come around the corner to the last hill into Barriere to find three trucks in the ditch with their back ends on the road.  It was kind of like pinball, but you hoped you wouldn’t hit anything.

I have not seen a school bus in the ditch or my neighbour’s van wedged on its side. I have not gone around corners sideways or backwards doing a staggering 10km per hour.

For the past three winters the road has been plowed and sanded in a timely manner, the shoulders have been kicked back and it has been ice bladed when required.

Getting out of your car at the post office has been a pleasure.

I am sure that the people of Barriere could give you a couple of good reasons to keep Murray. If cost is a concern, how much did you pay Argo for their completely inadequate service?

Insurance, fuel, sanding material and wages are all expensive.  You get what you pay for.

So before you accept the lowest bid, ask yourself if you want good service from experienced operators, or do you want to go back to make do with what you get?

Snow plowing is not something you learn as you go.  If you don’t do it right it can be really, really ugly.

Experience is what you need.  But, as I said, I have no say in the District of Barriere business.

But, I will be heard, long and loud be phone and early in the morning to everyone on council if a new contractor should fail to live up to expectations.

I would also encourage everyone who is pleased with Murray Purcha and Son Ltd. and their employees to let council know how you feel.

Sign me “Speaking Out”

Name withheld by request