Global warming problems should be a priority for Federal Election

There is no higher priority for the Canadian Federal Election than the global warming problem

To the editor;

The upcoming Canadian Federal Election on Oct. 19, 2015, reflects total confusion of all federal parties, resulting in Canadian citizen’s total confusion of which party would provide the best type of new government for global warming recovery leadership.

This can not be clarified more precisely.  There is no higher priority for the Canadian Federal Election than global warming problem recovery improvement activities and requirements than updates to our traditional harmful planetary functioning techniques, which will result in our new updated economic functioning.

Maximum planetary ecological life support functioning compatibility should be the key subject of the upcoming Federal Election campaign.

Economy and ecology is in fact the most immediately effective type of our current global warming problem reduction recovery philosophy.

Current sources of harmful emission sources should be updated to an output volumes reduction recovery method.  Harmful emission outputs must be eliminated.

There is now no more abundant free type of planetary resource.

Methane and carbon dioxide provide the highest volumes of planetary life support capability deadly gas emissions.  These are equal to, or of higher total, more harmful emission output volumes than human sources.

I would like to try and form the Canadian Green Team for Canadian global warming recovery leadership, and am looking for people who may be interested in participating in this endeavour.   I am looking for people who can help with typing, internet capability and setting up a website.

Gypsy C. Warner

Louis Creek, B.C.,  250-672-5865