Goodbye from Queen Alex

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo 2011, Barriere

Goodbye from NTFF&R 62nd Queen and Miss Congeniality

Goodbye from NTFF&R 62nd Queen and Miss Congeniality

To North Thompson Valley residents;

Hello once again to all my fellow North Thompson Valley Residents. I am hoping you are all doing well since the last time I wrote. As all of you may know my reign as Miss North Thompson Fall Fair and rodeo Queen and Congeniality is coming to a screeching halt and although I am rather disappointed at how fast this year has gone I cannot begin to explain all the great memories, experiences and friends I have made along the way. I never would have believed that I could meet so many amazing people in such a short time.

When I started my reign a year ago I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into. All I knew for sure is that I would make every moment of it worth my while. Although there have been a few bumps along the way we have finally made it to the end. I cannot give thanks enough to all the people who made this wonderful year possible. But what I can do is tell you all what I have been up to and the moments I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I have had so many adventures travelling this year and in my community that it is so hard for me to just choose a few to share with you but I suppose it is best to share with you the ones that are dearest to my heart and more vivid in my mind. My first weekend as royalty was of course spent at our very own Fall Fair and Rodeo, selling 50/50 tickets and was the first weekend of my year promoting the valley and our fair. It was so nice to meet so many nice people and have the opportunity to open the 62nd annual fall fair.

One of my most amazing experiences for pageant was traveling to Nanaimo. It was a long drive and ferry ride, but well worth it when we go to see much of the ocean and the beautiful place we live in called British Columbia. We met nice ferry workers and I quiet enjoyed making them smile with friendly waves and hellos.

Another trip I remember very well was one to Quesnel.  You all read earlier about that amazing trip. I hope you liked it and understood how much fun I had.

I also had lots of fun going to Nakusp. It was yet another long drive but we got to experience so many new things and see so many historic places such as the last spike. I had never heard of it before that weekend. While in Nakusp we also got to go to the hot springs. It was my first experience in a hot spring and oh my it was amazing. It is definitely something I would love to do again.

One of the things that probably touched my heart the most this year was on my very first trip to Peachland when we went to visit the parrot Island. Meeting the generous couple that saves so many parrots lives. It was so sad to see how hard it is for them to survive once they have been in captivity and it would be so sad to see them go extinct.

I guess some of you wonder what I am up to on my own time. Well I spend most of my time working but when I do get off I enjoy playing sports for school teams such as volleyball and soccer. I also enjoy dirt biking and quading or getting the odd boat ride and camping trip in.

I also am a volunteer firefighter and this year I got to travel to Grand Forks for spring training where I made a fool of myself during the fire fit challenge, but I am proud to say I never gave up and made it to the end in a long seven minutes.

Again, I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity to represent you this year and even though it is over I am glad to know of so many more events that I can be involved in.

I am also happy to announce that I will be the North Thompson Valley Representative in this upcoming British Columbia Ambassador Program. I hope to once again represent you with pride and dignity and do all communities and residents proud.

Hope to see you all at my retiring night and at the coronation of the new royalty September 2nd.

I love you all and will miss my title so much.

Your NTFF&R 62nd Queen and Miss Congeniality

Alexandra Brown