“Harperocracy” you say?

To the editor;

Re: Federal Election

I thought we had a parliamentary democracy in Canada, but we don’t.  We have a Harperocracy.

Here is a Prime Minister who, when asked a question in Question Period, not only refuses a clear answer but responds with an arrogant dismissal of the question and acts as if the Opposition has no right to ask questions.

I thought that in a parliamentary democracy, matters of governance were to be debated by the party in power and the opposition.  But Stephen Harper and his gang think that not only do Canadian citizens not deserve honest answers, but that it is beneath him and his party to respond to questions about his policies.

When asked about Canadian complicity in the torture of detained Afghanistan prisoners, he prorogues Parliament.  When pushed on important issues such as these, he just acts like a spoiled child playing in a sandbox who, if he does not get his own way, will just take his toys and go home.  What arrogance! And he has done this twice.

When he did release documents pertaining to Afghanistan, most of it was blacked out and he acts as if we as citizens are just supposed to accept this and trust him and his government.  Well, I don’t.

Stephen Harper boasts about his government’s economic policies… I guess he has forgotten that since he came to power in 2006, Canada’s debt has increased 12 percent, so it now stands at $519.1 billion.  Yes, he is an economist alright.

In my view, since the day he gained power, he has made decisions not for the good of Canada or Canadians, but to collect votes as all he wants is a “majority” so he can implement even more of his neo-conservative policies and move our country even closer to the U.S.

Any poll I have seen shows that Canadians put Health Care at the top of our list of priorities.  Does Stephen Harper speak of financing our system (which is admired world wise) so that all Canadians have access to care?  In the five years he has been in power, he has rarely mentioned it and if he does, he uses mocking dismissal as he coldly flips the whole subject aside as mere trivia.

I want this fanatically controlling Prime Minister defeated in this coming election, before he destroys the Canada that I know and love.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Woodland


Darfield, B.C.