Help keep our community newspaper remain “local”

It is amazing to see such a small staff at the Star/Journal producing a weekly publication of this quality.

To the editor;

I encourage many of the readers of this newspaper to submit articles, news, opinions and pictures to the North Thompson Star/Journal.  Even if you can only submit once a year.

It is extremely difficult, as an editor, to produce a newspaper or periodical for small distribution areas (communities, etc.) without more input.  Larger publications have larger (full time) staff; our publication does not have the luxury of three or more full time reporters/writers as the larger ones.

The more varied local outlook the editor is given, the more interesting the publication becomes.  It sparks more reader interest and more response.

This means the editor does not have to put in extra articles, that may or may not be in the mainstream news. It will give the editor more time to edit, rather than reporting, in addition to her many other tasks.

Being a past editor of a monthly publication on a Canadian Forces Base, with a larger staff, smaller readership and distribution, I can only imagine how difficult the job must be for Jill Hayward and her staff.

It is amazing to see such a small staff producing a weekly publication of this quality.

In the past year, your (the readers) submissions have dwindled, the possibility of newspaper staff fatigue increases, and so to the possibility of a poorer publication or worse, no publication.  Hopefully we are not close to any of the foregoing.

Readers, please submit more.   Groups/organizations/business, please report quarterly or even yearly what has changed, or may be of other interest.  Deadline for submissions is Monday by 12 noon.

A final note:  this letter was not prompted, hinted at, or stimulated by Star/Journal staff or others.

P. Spear

Barriere, B.C.