Help stop illegal dumping

letter to the editor from tired of cleaning up garbage - Help stop illegal dumping

To the editor;

We are concerned about illegal garbage dumping in our area.

We have witnessed and photographed this act.

This has been going on for years, but recently has worsened and includes toxic materials.

The pile however, has since been burned, eliminating all incriminating evidence.

This, shamefully, is to avoid paying $10 for a pickup load of waste at a transfer station.

With shortened hours at transfer stations in January, we fear this will cause the problem of illegal dumping to worsen.

There are stiff fines for this, and those responsible should be thinking before they dump to save a few dollars.

We also see that many people who live in areas where illegal dumping is taking place are posting photos and information on Facebook about the sites where the dumpings are taking place.

If everyone did this when an illegal dumping is discovered, we know that those responsible would eventually be found and fined.

Let’s all be pro-active in stopping illegal garbage dumping – because in effect they are dumping on us!

Tired of Cleaning Up Garbage

Name withheld on request