Here is the scoop on The Bear

letter to the editor from Steve Shannon - Here is the scoop on The Bear

To the editor;

Here is the up to date scoop on The Bear.

Industry Canada will be in Barriere the morning of Jan. 6, to test the transmitter at the radio station. At that point we will be on the air forever!

We will start our official kick off at 11 a.m.

We have been assigned CHLW as call letters.   However, we will still be ‘The Bear’.

The call letters are the official handle, and known as the legal ID.

I have some great plans for the coming year,  and we will be airing a year long radio series called  ‘Barriere, the first 100 years’. There will be about 700 vignettes that will air 24/7, and run about 60 seconds each. The feature will be written pieces that for the most part will be information from the book ‘Exploring Our Roots’, then we will be asking listeners to tell their stories, which will be edited and will also run about 60 seconds. Three new ones each day, and then some that we will sleep for awhile, then rebroadcast to keep the momentum going.

The Bear will also be releasing a music album CD, about 12 cuts in all, that will feature the cream of local talent. The CD will be released the weekend of the fall fair, with proceeds after costs going to a local fundraiser.

Then, sometime during the summer, we will be doing a Show and Shine and a free concert at Fadear Park bandshell with a big name in Canadian music, along with the band, ‘A Social Portrait’.

I think that just about covers it for now. Remember to tune in to The Bear on Jan. 6, 11 a.m.!

CHLW 93.1 The Bear.

Steve Shannon

North Thompson Radio

Barriere, B.C.