Highway needs guard rails along North Thompson

If you go off the highway on the river side you can be in immediate serious trouble

To the editor;

The intent of this letter is to open discussion with the Ministry of Highways to improve highway safety in this area.

I recognize highway maintenance in this district can be more than difficult, and that it is not possible to be everywhere at all times.

I do not wish to attach blame but to hopefully bring some good out of a very bad situation.

Along with the rest of the community I am deeply saddened by the tragic accident along the Wolf’s corner section of Highway 5, south of Clearwater.

Having lived in the Little Fort area for the last 11 years I have often questioned why there are not guard rails or barriers where Highway 5 runs beside the North Thompson River. There are at least two such areas where barriers are necessary – just north of Little Fort, and along the section of Highway 5 where the recent accident took place.

It is possible to lose control of a vehicle for a number of reasons. If you go off the highway on the river side in either of these locations you can be in immediate serious trouble.

If you are fortunate someone might see you go in, otherwise you are just “missing.”

A guard rail or barrier may not be a guarantee but, along with more salt and sand, it would go a long way toward preventing an accident.

I have been assured that the Ministry of Highways will respond to this letter.

Bob Mumford

Clearwater, B.C.