Honest citizens make for a nice community

Act of kindness in Barriere deserved a thank you, and a note in the newspaper

To the editor;

I just thought this act of kindness deserved a thank you, and a note in our newspaper.

My husband and visiting stepson went for a walk to the Barriere River by the Riverbend subdivision.

My stepson took our dog (strangely, named River) into the water and cooled off a bit.

He had taken his wallet out of his pocket and laid it down nearby.

Well, after they got back he realized he had left his wallet at the river, so they quickly drove back, but the wallet was gone.

They spoke to one of the neighbours close by, and he had seen the people who had also gone there, they lived on the same street.

So they went there, and the folks had found the wallet and were just about to turn it in to the police, and so they kindly returned it.

Thanks from the people in the Dodge’s house.

That’s another reason we are happy to live in Barriere.

Anne Cameron

Barriere. B.C.