I am the river

I am the river for whom no one is allowed to speak. I am the force of this land...

‘­Silent Opposition’

‘­Silent Opposition’

By Lauren M. Powers


I am the river!

for whom no one is allowed

to speak.

I am the life force of this land

that you are prepared to put at grave risk.


I am connected to all life for the length of my shores

and beyond; to the fishes

in the sea,

and the birds in the air,

to the bears that walk freely,

to all plants from here to there.


I am Providence

the spirit residing within us all,

food, water, air, sustenance.


No part of me can be violated

without affecting all of the

dependent aspects.

I am sacred and holy

as is this Precious Earth,

our Cosmic Motherland.


If you discount my voice

because it originates from beyond your immediate interest,

then you discount our


which is damning, critical to

future generations.


It is ignorant.

Conscious ignorance, plagued with bad intent for all mankind.

It resonates the lack of the sacred in your lives

and wreaks havoc across

the Earth.


I am the river of tears

cried by your ancestors

for the return of the pristine,

the respected.


Your ‘progress’ is but a

transgression against

our grandchildren, and great grandchildren,

as well as your own.

Against humanity.


You consider yourself clever

In your manipulation of the voices allowed to speak,

in behalf of the Earth, at

your ‘consultations’.

Eliminating opposition to your loveless intent,

supposedly with our best

interests at heart,

you seek to diminish everything loving and pure

in your pursuit of profits, power.


Do not pretend this is

for our good.

Do not insult us with your

perception management



I am the river and I will not

be silenced!