Idic15 poker ride says thanks

letter to the editor from Therese McKirdy, Lori Eisehauer, founders Idic15 - Idic15 poker ride says thanks

To the editor;

Thank you to our Barriere, Cleawater and other area horse enthusiasts. We were absolutely thrilled to have all of you at our First Idic15 Poker Ride Fundraiser last weekend even though the weather was a bit wet.

To our virtual hand supporters we thank you also from our hearts for your support even though you could not be there in person.   To the members of The Back Country Horsemen of BC camped at our starting point, you were so gracious and supporting, a big thank you.

Thank you to Butch and Connie Falk who generously supplied maps for our riders. The Fishtrap Equine campsite is a wonderful venue, and many hours of labour from the local Back Country Horsemen and team is evident. Thanks to our area merchants: Barriere IDA, Country Feeds, Jill Dunbar, and Eco Nets/Joanne Peterson for your gratefully received raffle items.  Thank you to Lisa at the Star/Journal for your wonderful imagination and poster, The Star/Journal for your support,  Eileen and the Petro Canada Team for your wonderful contributions, and to the Horse Barn for your generous donation.

We are so much closer to reaching our goal of having enough to fund our first Microgrant to bring together our group of 12 medical specialists whom will strive to write management protocols for medical issues with our Idic15 children.

We will have the 2nd Poker Ride in September, and for more information or to keep up to date, please visit us online

Therese McKirdy and Lori Eisehauer,

Founders, Idic15