In Canada, animal welfare remains in the Dark Ages

Here are the facts obtained from the World Animal Protection Index:

To the editor;

The federal government enjoys a favourable international reputation on the subject of animal welfare, one it it does not deserve.

Here are the facts obtained from the World Animal Protection Index:

More than 50 countries have been evaluated on their concern for animal welfare on a scale from A to G. European countries are some of the best, with mostly A’s and B’s.

The UK has earned an “A” and India is rated with a “C”.

Canada is lagging behind with a “D”.

Canada is worse than China and India in the categories of protection of animals in captivity, scientific research, protection of farm animals and recognition of animal sentience.

The federal laws look good by stating animal abusers can receive fines and jail sentences, but the reality is only one-third of one per cent of abuse complaints lead to criminal charges.

The federal government ignored public opinion back in 2012 after taking a poll asking whether Canadians approved of cosmetic testing on animals. Despite the fact 88 per cent of respondents disapproved, the practice continues.

There are no federal regulations for animals in zoos and circuses, nor for farm animals during rearing. Animals can be transported for up to 52 hours with no food, water or rest. Animals left in pounds for a minimum of three days can be used for research under the Animals For Research Act.

Many amendments to existing laws have been presented to Ottawa, but have been rejected by the Senate because it favours animal-use industries. While many countries throughout the world are making progressive changes to animal-welfare laws, federal laws in Canada have had no significant changes since 1892.

Canada is still in the Dark Ages concerning animal welfare. Please help our animals by contacting your local member of Parliament and voicing your outrage against government-sanctioned animal abuse.

Judy Galley

Sorrento, B.C.