Is $2 for a hard copy bill playing fair?

To the editor;

Since Nov./2010, we have been billed an extra $2 a month for Telus Mobility to mail our monthly bill. We  opted not to go with online billing for we needed the hard copy for both our income tax deduction and the company my husband works for.

I guess you might say I’m from the old school where I am not comfortable with doing any of my billing online, and have for years filed all my bills yearly in a filing cabinet discarding them as each year passes.

When I emailed Telus Mobility concerning this and requested a response to my email; they ignored it and continued charging me the $2 extra every month. Today June 8th, 2011, I decided to call and speak with someone even though I detest the waiting game you have to go through in dealing with these big companies.

I voiced my opinion to one of the workers there and explained to her that if  Telus Mobility cared so much about the environment and mailing us bills, why are they still sending out all of there unfriendly flyers and such without any concern. I definitely wanted to be heard and not ignored.   After speaking with this worker she put me on hold while explaining the situation to her superior, whom was supposed to speak directly with me afterwards, but chose not to and instead let the worker deal with me.

I explained to the worker that I was in no way angry with her but with the company and apologized that she had to be the so-called middle man. She proceeded to tell me that the company would waive the $2 extra each month from then on. I asked her if they were going to reimburse me from Nov./2010 and the response was “no”.

My husband made a suggestion, “Why don’t they deduct $2 a month from everyone’s bill that chooses to go paperless instead of billing people an extra $2 for having to mail a bill?”, but of course that fell on deaf ears.

Somehow it is alright for these companies to litter the environment with their unfriendly flyers but it is not alright for us to get a paper- friendly monthy bill without being charged.

I don’t get it. Somehow it seems as though it is a LOSE-LOSE SITUATION for the public.

Also, today June 8th, 2011, I received more than one telemarketing call from Telus even though at the time I was not aware that it was Telus for the call display just said ‘International Call’.  When I called Telus to report this number, 310-8682, the lady on the phone told me to call the ‘no-call list’ (which  I am already on) and report it as she said she wasn’t aware of this number. Neither was I until I dialed it myself and got the voice message.  When they had called me here all I got when was a loud fax-like noise.

I would love to hear some feedback on this article.

Is it any wonder why people get frustrated?

In an aside, I am a very active participant in recycling everything that I possibly can, and I hope a lot of people out there feel the same way.

Lorraine Dunn