Is ice nice?

Is ice nice?

I was thinking the other day that ice is great in many ways.

However, not always. Ice/cold is great when we want ice cream, right? It makes awesome slushy drinks, or possibly shaved ice the treat. Cubes cool our drinks, maybe some iced-tea or ice cappuccino, or iced coffee, and don’t forget frozen smoothies.

If we have no air conditioner, we can put some in a dish in front of a fan….done that one….hmmm. It preserves food if we need it to. It, of course is fun to make up with snow into snowballs, and that is sort of a form of ice. Useful in igloos too, and snowmen. I must mention all the many sports that are ice and snow related…skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skating, hockey, curling and many more….

I gotta say, I do prefer it when snow falls, compared to icy hail. Clearing regular roads of snow may be a pain, but even worse is black ice on the road. It is pretty darn slippery for walking too unless you are super coordinated or have those gripper things on your boots in the winter. Just saying… So it is not always nice or good.

Now to ask – is it always cold?

“What”, you may ask? Well it kind of is, but…. what about frost bite? It burns doesn’t it? That is hot not cold…..Hmmmmm…Weird…What if you accidently come in contact with those dangerous chemicals that can freeze things, or keep them cool, there are some of those around aren’t there, freon for instance? That is sorta frozen, but it burns your skin too, right?

Of course, when we normally get a burn, we put ice on it mostly. What about that medication they have that is ice cool and hot? Not mentioning names…it works both cooling and heating…weird again.

I guess what I am really saying is ice has many advantages, and that ice is nice, usually, maybe, sorta… TeeHee. We just need to be somewhat careful with, and around it.

Anyone for an iced-cold beverage of choice?