It’s all about faith in humanity

It’s all about faith in humanity

So, the other day I had a big dilemma. For those who know me I try to always see the good in others and I am not usually let down.

We continue to have been working hard in our lives and would generally like to believe that everyone else does the same.

This is not always the case.

But, I digress, my dilemma was about the transport of a large awkward item from a town at least four plus hours away. I had saved money and bought something online. It was not from a big company or anything, so I needed to figure out how to get it here haha. Fun right?

Now, living in this day and age, I put it out there on social media to see who was anywhere near there. I was even hoping someone from town would be traveling through. I could always offer gas money or whatever. I did not hold a lot of hope and the seller was willing to get it as far as Merritt in a month or so. I was guessing it may have to just wait.

This was last week with all that yucky snow happening. My main trouble was the size of it. Six feet long…ugh. I had an offer of a friend and his family traveling as far as Kamloops which would work as I could travel in with my hubby to pick it up. However, they were in an SUV and so it would have been extremely uncomfortable ride for all of them. I naturally did not want that to happen.

As I was trying to see what friends I had who traveled, or figure out gas and stuff myself, I had a message from someone I had not seen in over thirty-five years! I know, holy cow!

Needless to say, it worked out amazingly easily and two days later we met and picked it up!

He did let me buy him coffee as a thank-you at least! And wouldn’t take gas money. Wow!

Not a total stranger but it had been forever and still someone who went out of his way to make room and time to help me out!

It goes to show you that at least on occasion there are those amazing people out there, who go that extra mile, (in this case literally, lol) to restore that faith in humanity that we sometimes lose along the way.

Again thank you!

Hopefully now that the rest of you know it is still out there, I hope you all get a chance to experience it too!