It’s time to make it happen

Those good intentions and resolutions set out at the beginning of the month are likely in jeopardy

It’s officially the middle of January and all those good intentions and resolutions set out at the beginning of the month are likely already in jeopardy.

Whether it was to get involved more in the community, get in better shape or just simply try to make an effort to be a better person, all those noble and upstanding convictions can start to wane in what can often seem like the longest month of the year (and it’s already 31 days as it is, which technically qualifies it for a tie in that department already).

So even though it’s likely grey outside and the rush and spirits of the holiday season may be beginning to fade, or even worse, give way to feelings of fatigue, this is exactly when perseverance and free will need to be utilized to ensure the goodwill carries through to positive action.

In other words it may take a little push or encouragement to get out there on a grey, dreary Sunday afternoon and get some fresh air and exercise, especially (for some of us) when there’s the enticement of NFL playoff action on the tube, including the Seattle Seahawks.

However, no one said resolutions to better ourselves and our communities were going to be easy, that’s why there’s such a huge failure rate when it comes to resolutions.

The excuses of weather, and distractions of any kind, are always a factor, so these are the things that have to be overcome to make a longterm and  meaningful difference in your life and the life of your community.

So get out there and do it, exercise in the great outdoors, or make that call to join that group that needs your talents, and you’ll feel good about it and be on your way to bigger and better things in 2016.

Black Press/Vernon Morning Star