Key beneficiaries of mining in B.C.

letter to the editor from Massimo Mandarino: Key beneficiaries of mining in B.C.

To the Editor,

I’m wondering how many people realize that First Nations youth in the Cariboo are among the key beneficiaries of mining in B.C.? Not many I suspect; which is sad. And if the aptly named Prosperity Mine had been allowed to proceed, Taseko Mines was ready to donate office space for education and training to the B.C. Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA) for their Williams Lake chapter.

The jobs and training the Prosperity Mine would have provided for Aboriginal youth in the region would have brought about a generational change for these young adults and provide them with long and successful careers; the kind of careers that one can raise a family on and fuel hope for the next generation.

As a society, shouldn’t we be able to do more for these youth and help them build their futures? I say we can and we should. Let’s take another look at the Prosperity mine and what it has to offer.

Massimo Mandarino

Coquitlam, BC