Lance bites the bullet

Letter to the Editor from Lloyd Atkins, Vernon, BC re Lance Armstrong

To the editor;

So Lance Armstrong finally admitted to being a lying cheater.

Surprise… surprise!

How many of us would be tempted to lie and cheat if we could obtain global adoration and millions of dollars to boot?

Very few of us will ever be faced with such a temptation.

Most of us have never experienced an all-consuming desire to push our body and mind to the limit of endurance for a chance to win at anything.

Some people seek fame and fortune in the lucrative field of professional sports; less energetic folks often choose politics. Some will do anything to succeed; others won’t.

We love to worship conquering heroes because we get a free emotional ride on the backs of their dedication, passion and exploits.

We love to vilify fallen heroes because we get a chance to crucify them and feel a little better about ourselves and our ordinary lives.

Too bad Lance, but you were always too good to be true.

Lloyd Atkins


Vernon, B.C.