Lesson offered in B.C.’s Economy

letter to the editor from Fred Reemeyer: Lesson offered in B.C.’s Economy

To the Editor,

Now that our children have finally returned to school I would like to offer them a lesson in BC’s economy that I hope will get them, and all of us, thinking about future career choices.

For workers in BC, a job in mining exploration is a low risk, high return activity. The industry maintains world leading health, safety and environmental standards and the environmental review processes that govern whether a new mine can go ahead or not are stringent, fair and science-based.

The $10 billion annual gross revenue of BC’s mining industry also provides a remarkable 300-to-1 return on investment for the government based on the cost to the government to support the sector. In short, mining and exploration are a revenue generator for BC, and with public support it will offer high-paying, long-term jobs for generations to come.

Any banker, financial adviser, or even high school student can see that these are numbers to pursue. So let’s keep finding ways to support the mining and exploration sector in BC so that our children can continue to choose this industry as a career, one that can support future families, our children, and our grandchildren!

Fred Reemeyer

Coquitlam, BC