Let’s make the NT Valley better

letter to the editor from Cheryl Thomas - Let’s make the NT Valley better

To the editor;

Hello to all the readers of the NT Valley’s newspapers.  Perhaps it is time to think of what talents we all have and how we can best use them to improve the valley’s future.

Are you tired of being retired and not being able to use at least some of the skills you have been working a lifetime at developing?

Are you new to the valley and want to get to know other like-minded folk? Perhaps you just want to ‘try something new’.

Indeed – belonging is something that they now refer to as ‘the building of social capital‘ – formerly being neighbourly was a way of dispelling the wintertime or boredom blues.

In keeping with that thought, I was thinking about how some people just jump right into the community – showing up at meetings, listening, asking questions, offering an insight into their skills and backgrounds, and suggesting ways that they might contribute.

Other people say that groups in the area are not open to new members, or that we are a bunch of snobs; so they sit around waiting to be invited to participate.  I think we are all too busy having the responsibility of many; and only the time and ability of one.

So, how are you going to find out what’s happening?

Step 1 – Go to The Times or Star/Journal office to pick up a copy of their booklet that describes the many and various groups, clubs and organizations in the valley

Step 2 – Do some research on the computer – often these groups are a part of the larger organizations – therefore websites are available

Step 3 – Phone one of the contacts listed or attend a meeting

Step 4 –  Be open to understanding that we might be ‘set in our ways’, and when you think that you can see a small or large change that would make the vision and mission of an organization come to life, and benefit the group and the public, without harm, then speak to a friendly face and let your thoughts be known.

Gently getting to know your new friends will be a blessing to all.

Peace be with you,

Cheryl Thomas

Clearwater, B.C.