Look out for number one

Area leaders urge residents to continue seeking health care

Members of Kamloops’ Community Health Action Committee is urging residents in the Kamloops and area region not to put their health concerns on hold as the region braces for the next wave of COVID-19. Business leaders and health care providers are turning to their networks to encourage residents to address personal health concerns, even if those medical issues are not related to COVID-19.

“We’re telling people to look out for Number One,” said Jim Anderson, committee chair and Executive Director at Venture Kamloops. “We want all sectors to be vocal about promoting healthy practices, and to encourage their people to take care of their overall health during the pandemic’s next wave, along with the help of our local health care providers.”

Dr. Chip Bantock, family physician and CHAC member, said community health care providers are well-equipped and prepared to provide health services during the pandemic, particularly now that doctors and nurse practitioners have gone through the first wave of COVID-19.

“Staying vigilant means staying on top of health issues,” Dr. Bantock said. “Contact the office of your nurse practitioner, family doctor, or local walk-in clinic. They have the time and the tools to connect with you by phone, video, or in-person. Don’t let the pandemic nudge you into fear or complacency. Stick with the one who knows you best and continue to go to the hospital for any emergency – it is safe to do so.”

Kristi Rintoul, Director of Community Impact for the United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo, said, “When you care for yourself, you care for your community. Please protect yourself and those around you by following the guidance of local medical professionals.”

About the CHAC: The Kamloops Community Health Action Committee is comprised of stakeholders from organizations including industry, business, economic development, academia, not-for-profit, health care and municipal/provincial governments. The committee formed in 2017 to support community health and wellness, and access to primary health care.