Love it or hate it – but we still need the wind

While outside the other day I found the wind-chill really made a difference in the temperature. It was pretty sunny and supposed to be seven degrees, but it did not feel quite as warm as that. The wind was mostly in gusts that had some dampness to them, and it really seemed to cool things off.

It got me thinking, I know, uh ohh. Haha. I was thinking of all of the ways that wind makes a difference in our lives.

I realize wind is made from high pressure air rushing towards the lower pressure air. That seems sort of a weird way to really define it when it can make such a difference, but there it is.

I know there are some different types, like passing wind and long-winded speeches. Hee hee.

However, what about the ways it does some good for us?

For instance, hunters can get downwind of their prey so as not to have their scent give them away. There is also music, with wind chimes and many songs about it. These just scratches the surface of the different uses.

How about energy? There are some huge and powerful turbines that run just because of a little wind. Seems pretty darn cool if you think of it that way, right?

Now there are so many ways that wind makes a difference to sports. Surfers for one. How about kite surfers, wind surfers, paragliders, and sailors?

The wind can also affect other sports like golfing, ski jumping and even football to name a few more.

Some, for their own, and others safety, have to keep a serious eye on wind forces and directions, such as pilots. There can be cross winds, head winds, tail winds, north winds, El Nino, trade winds.

Things like children’s kites can be gone with the wind, haha. Mary Poppins even used her umbrella to fly with the wind!

All this talk has made me think that with the more drastic weather fronts and such nowadays that we will probably have more wind in the future. I don’t mean necessarily right here and right now, but there does seem to be more extremes happening all the time all over the whole world, right?

I doubt very much that we will get tornadoes or anything like that, anytime soon, but I wonder if because of a possible increase, we may be smart to start using more windmills? Why not harness all that renewable energy after all? I have heard that many countries are using it more and more.

Maybe one day, way down the road, it could be a main source of everyday power? Okay, possibly one of them, but not exclusively?

Personally, I think in that respect, we could do well to take notice just a bit more of those natural sources that can power many things. Just sayin.

I guess my opinions on this have gone on enough, since I don’t want to get caught being too long-winded, haha.


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