Faeder Park Christmas Tree in Barriere under a full moon. (Tara Murphy photo)

Love where you live

If you live in the North Thompson Valley you will know what I mean when I say ‘we truly know what community is all about’.

Strange as it may seem, when you live in a big metropolitan city there is a good chance you will not know your neighbours by their first name, will have no idea who just had a baby, who moved to Florida, or if the senior down the street could do with a little help once in awhile.

But it’s not that way in small towns, and even more so in rural communities.

If you live in a North Thompson community you will surely know your neighbour. You probably know the names of their kids, and yes, even the cat and dog. If you are next to a farm, you will probably know the goat is called Billy and the big cow in the back pasture that every now and then goes ‘walk about’ is called Gertrude, and that she will follow you home if you offer her a peanut butter sandwich.

Yep, rural life has it’s perks, but never so much as when the Christmas season rolls around. This year that is especially true as the past two years of COVID-19 is starting to take it’s toll on everyone in some shape or form.

But here in rural small town Canada folks still know how to ’cowboy up’ and make do with what they have.

In Barriere and the surrounding areas, folks pitch in, help out, and in general assist in keeping life moving forward as comfortably as possible for all concerned within their communities. That’s especially true at this time of year, but in truth, it pretty much happens 12 months of the year and 24-7 as well.

Within the past month or so our communities have been blessed with the following; neighbours plowing driveways for neighbours, firewood delivered for free for those having a tough time right now, Secret Santa for seniors (donated new gifts for seniors in the community), a free Community Christmas dinner that will be delivered to over 200 Barriere and area residents, the Christmas Concert at the Seniors Hall given by Barriere Elementary students, the Barriere Secondary Christmas dinner luncheon for students and staff prepared at the school by community residents and businesses, the free Christmas Dinner for Barriere Elementary staff and students, The Jolly Rancher Carolers who toured some of Barriere’s subdivisions and made a stop at the Fall Fair’s Christmas Light Drive Thru as well, the Children’s Christmas Shopping days so kids could choose and purchase their own presents for family and friends, all those folks who donated the gifts for the Children’s Christmas Shopping days, the Barriere Christmas Tree Light-up and Santa’s visit at Fadear Park, Nicky’s Red Wagon at Interior Savings Insurance that collected numerous hamper packages for the Food Bank, the Knitten Mitten Tree at Interior Savings, Christmas Hamper packages at AG Foods, our amazingly dedicated volunteers at the Food Bank, Heffley Creek’s spur of the moment Santa Claus parade, the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Ambassadors preparing and hand delivering free lunches to shut in seniors last weekend, all those great folks who pick up necessities from Kamloops for local folks who can’t get there, the Stuff The Cruiser event to help fill Food Bank Hampers, the caring people who drop in with free lunches or home cooked goodies for others who are volunteering their time for organizations or groups and events in the community, those who are ever willing to lend a hand or to pick up groceries or prescriptions, give someone a ride or help push a vehicle out of a snowbank, and the great giveback from our local businesses and merchants who go that extra mile for their customers and their community.

Sometimes it’s just holding a hand, or giving someone a hug that can make a person feel wanted, and sometimes it’s just the little girl in a red Santa suit waving at logging trucks as they pass by her home on Agate Bay Road.

However it is that you experience the generosity of those who reside in our area – know that it truly does come from the goodness of the heart, and because we care.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!



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