Luke writes back

Dear Elli;

Dear Elli;

This note is not intended in any way to criticize the wonderful work that you and your group do to help members of my four-footed family, but I feel that I must correct a few misconceptions about myself.

In the words of the immortal Moon Martin:

“You think I’m cute

A little bit shy

Momma,I ain’t

That kinda guy.”

You may not know it, but I’m a very accomplished vocal artist, much better than those howlin’ hill hounds who on some evenings make worse noise than American Idol wannabes who show up at the earliest auditions.

My so called roaming and wandering was in fact a local talent search for a female singer to join my band and in time create our own group of four or five back-up singers. Canadian talent is truly unappreciated.

Lucas ‘Trouble’ Curtis

(Lucky Luke)

Little Fort