McKirdys thank community of Barriere from the heart

Letter to the editor from Walt, Therese and Connor McKirdy

To the editor;


We have personally witnessed events and gatherings in other towns and cities over the years, but none have been as heartfelt and honest as was displayed by our community last night.

The Benefit Dinner and Pie Auction for Little Connor, filled our hearts with a lasting feeling of “community family”.

The outpouring of strength, love, and warm wishes from our little town is certainly an indication to us of our need to care for each other, and to cherish our friendships, both new and old.

There was enough money raised in this one night to get the badly needed additional testing done on this journey.

We are awed.

We thank you, the wonderful souls of this community, for giving Connor this chance.

We are truly blessed to be members of a town that are supportive of others, and are we proud to be a part of one that has so much heart.

I will be posting a daily blog as we start our trip next week online for any who wish to follow his progress.

You can find it by copying this address in your browser.

Your family…..

Walt, Therese and Connor McKirdy

Barriere, B.C.