Megan will be missed by community

To the editor;

Megan Worthington was truly a rising star.

When I first got to know Megan she was a candidate for the Fall Fair pageant.  She was an extremely quiet and shy young lady.  As the sound technician for the Pageant, I had to turn the microphone way up to catch her voice and then turn it back down for the other candidates.  As the program progressed, she improved dramatically; more so than any other in the years that I have watched.  At one time there had been a title called ‘Most Improved’, however, that title had lapsed a few years before.  I and Robin Wilson suggested its renewal with Robin suggesting its name be changed to Rising Star.  This title, which is ongoing, thus owes its founding to Megan as its inspiration.

I for one will miss her and the community will be the poorer for her passing.

Wim Houben

Barriere, B.C.