Mining and exploration critical to our economy

letter to the editor from Jessica Verheyden: Mining and exploration critical to our economy

To the Editor,

Recent events have prompted a lot of discussion about mining in B.C. lately. I have seen many letters, articles, comments/discussions online and even heard from friends who have concerns and think that maybe we don’t need mining in B.C. I find this very disconcerting. Mining and exploration are critical to sustaining our provincial economy and creating jobs.

Mining, and the businesses that service the mining and other resource industries, are the real job creators in this province.

The mining sector alone has the potential to create 17,000 new jobs in the coming years while the mineral exploration sector could create another 4,000 jobs.

Not only does mining and exploration activity create jobs, in 2011 alone it generated $10 billion worth of economic activity in BC and provided $800 million worth of revenue for the government.

The mining sector helps to generate the revenue the provincial government needs in order to be able to spend on the services that we, as citizens, need and want. Rather than shooting ourselves in the foot by hinting that we should shut it down, let’s find ways to address concerns and make the industry even better than it is today.

Jessica Verheyden

North Vancouver, B.C.