MissingKids.ca here to help

To the editor;

A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare and often families are left wondering what to do. MissingKids.ca – launched by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on May 24, 2011 – is here to help.

MissingKids.ca compliments the important work of law enforcement by offering families additional resources to help find their missing children.

This new national service provides a central place for families to register their missing child to request support from a trained caseworker, and includes critical educational information to help prevent children from going missing in the first place.

Using new technologies, MissingKids.ca uses innovative online search tools that bring a modern approach to the traditional way of searching for lost or missing children.

The site also offers a downloadable community response plan which provides a step-by-step guide to help coordinate search efforts.

One in six missing children is located after being recognized from a photograph.

Through our national database of missing children, Canadians can get involved by conducting searches tailored according to age and gender, geographic location, and other key words. In the event someone has information about a missing child, they can report their tip or sighting in confidence online at MissingKids.ca.   Also available is the option to sign up and receive missing child alerts.

We encourage all Canadians to get involved in the search for our missing children. Visit MissingKids.ca – Canada’s missing children resource centre.  Together we can help bring Canada’s missing children home.

Christy Dzikowicz, Director of Missing Children Services

Canadian Centre for Child Protection