MLA Pat Bell disputes NDP’s call for higher taxes


To the editor;

During this time of worldwide economic uncertainty I think we can agree that here in British Columbia we must remain fiscally responsible.

The NDP recently called for higher taxes – something that would not only burden taxpayers, but would cripple B.C.’s economy.

Perhaps this is because the NDP have no economic platform or plan for B.C. and their answer to everything is to raise taxes. Adrian Dix and the NDP keep promising British Columbians they have a plan, but until we see that plan we can only assume it will be like the rest of their ideologically-driven policy that saw B.C. experience a decade of decline.

This government would rather have as many people as possible working and paying the lowest income taxes in Canada, than return to the NDP approach of fewer people working and paying significantly higher taxes.

The NDP still have a case of Tax Scratch Fever that we all suffered through in the 90’s, and I for one don’t want to see them sting British Columbians with higher taxes again.

Pat Bell

MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie