More feedback for the Mayor Bill Humphreys

District of Barriere Mayor questioned about recent 'As the Mayor Sees It' columns

To the editor;

I hope the entire community is beginning to take notice of the mayor’s never ending dribble.  My mother used to tell me empty cans make the most noise, and reading his worship’s rubbish serves as an excellent example of this old saying.

On July 30, the mayor expressed “it’s time to go forward”, making his declaration that he will lead the charge; now on August 6, he suggests Barriere has moved too fast, and it appears he thinks it’s time for him to put on the brakes?

Talk about a walking, talking contradiction.  I can’t help but think the mayor doesn’t have a clue what he is supposed to be doing.  The only talent I see the mayor possessing is his voracious appetite to complain and point his finger at others.

It appears to me the next 28 months under the mayor’s leadership will consist of paralysis by analysis.  He will pursue endless committees and develop do nothing plans to achieve nothing.  Remember, you cannot measure or weigh nothing.

I believe the mayor is content to stand on his political soap box and tell the good people of Barriere what he thinks we need, which appears to be nothing.  When the mayor publicly states that “attracting foreign investment is way down the line of what we must do,” it echoes his fundamental disconnection to the reality of the community’s needs.

How dare the mayor presume to speak for the rest of us?  I can assure his worship, his vision and what he sees is completely contrary to others within this community.  I believe the mayor is a man of words – not action.

What exactly do you mean, when you infer Barriere has jumped too far ahead?  I suspect you are targeting the local economic development officer hired under a one year contract, who was an original hire during Mayor Fennell’s term.  Sounds like sour grapes to me.  Do you need a hug, Mr. Mayor?

Remember, your worship, only 28 months until the next election, tick tock, tick tock.

I can only hope the citizens of Barriere are paying attention and reading your long winded verbal diarrhea; never have I heard a man speak so much and say so little; tick tock, tick tock.


Pete Gardner

Barriere, B.C.