New Mayor advocates for working together

New Mayor advocates for working together thank my own supporters for their help during my campaign

To the editor;

I would like to thank the Star Journal for covering the recent local election. I believe the residents of Barriere are very passionate about their community. They feel a need to be involved with how the District is run presently as well as its future direction. Good reporting is essential to the information flow.

I would like to personally thank all those that worked so hard to make the election successful.

Voter turnout was exceptionally high. People came forward to express their views, offer suggestions and support for their candidates.

Further to this I would like to thank my own supporters for their help during my campaign. I was immensely pleased that so many would come forward with good advice and continued support throughout the process.. It is a humbling experience to be offered so much by so many. Again, I offer my thanks as well as my promise that I will attempt to as much as is possible to have Barriere succeed and grow.

To have success we will need to strengthen our partnerships with our neighbors, other levels of government as well as building on the sense of community we have here at home. I urge all of you to be involved in the process. Give as much of your time and ideas as you can. Good things happen if we work together.

Thanks once again to you all. I will keep you informed of events as they unfold.


Bill Humphreys