New taxes not needed for the big fix

To the editor;

Feeling overwhelmed is understandable if you reflect on climate change.

You could deny it or be an adult and acknowledge reality. Learn the science. Evaluate the risks. Find solutions. If solutions are possible, how do we pay?

The annual global military budget is $US 1.8 trillion. The annual cost of providing food, clean water, housing, education, renewable energy, healthcare for those without; retiring Third World debt, stabilizing world population, preserving cropland, restoring ecosystems, stopping acidic rain, reversing global warming, removing landmines, accommodating global refugees, dismantling and eliminating nuclear weapons, building and strengthening democracy throughout the world would cost one third of the global military budget.

No new taxes are needed to fix so much. It’s a political matter of reallocating 33 per cent of military budgets for peace. Peace costs less than war.

Justin Trudeau increased Canada’s military budget by 70 per cent? By how much did he increase the peace budget?

Robert M. Macrae

Environmental Technology Instructor

Castlegar, B.C.