New voice for seniors in the B.C. Interior

A group of community minded individuals who are primarily seniors themselves

To the editor;

The widening gap between what government thinks seniors need and want, and the services actually being delivered is the motivation behind a group of community minded individuals who are primarily seniors themselves.

This enthused and knowledgeable group will work towards the strategic development of strengthening the communication between all levels of government through a strong and united voice for seniors.

“We need a nonpartisan voice that will go above grass roots organizations,” says Isabelle Allen, President of the newly formed Interior BC Council on Aging Society.

Governments often take a condescending approach when it comes to the realistic needs of our aging population.

Despite the volumes of research focused on what type of community services and programs can best support our senior population there has been little action reflecting the recommendations contained therein.

What has developed is a large percentage of primarily volunteer based organizations struggling to deliver services and meet needs.

Services are often fragmented with minimal funding or outside support and often lack valuable communication and awareness.

“There needs to be a consolidated approach that is effective and also identifies the best use of tax dollars within individual communities and districts? says Allan. “The stated purpose of the Council on Aging is…‘to bring awareness to and offer possible solutions for issues affecting an aging population through research and by drawing on the knowledge and experience within relevant sections of the community.”

The Society was officially launched in March 2014. Over the coming months the Board of Directors will recruit additional members who support the purpose of the society.

For more information about the Interior BC Council on Aging please contact: President, Isabelle Allen at: or call (250) 374-8248.

Interior BC Council on Aging

Kamloops, B.C.