No commercials on CBC Radio

letter to MP Cathy McLeod from Bob George, Barriere BC - CBC Radio

Letter to MP Cathy McLeod;

First, it’s a real pain in the butt having to take up my time writing these letters. I have other things to do, and I expect the people I voted for to look after the country and it’s institutions.

I was highly distressed to hear on this mornings news that the CRTC is about to allow advertising on MY RADIO STATION [CBC]. I pay for it along with all other Canadians who pay taxes and this is not a good move by the increasingly haywire government of this country to allow the CRTC, another haywire outfit (witness the problems Steve Shannon is having getting his long awaited for radio station going in Barriere) to come up with this stuff.

I very seldom listen to local commercial radio for reasons that any rational intelligent person could come up with. We seldom watch any programs on CBC television for the same reason.TOO MUCH ADVERTISING, some segments repeated in the same run. As for  many of the situation programs themselves, especially ones they’ve come up with in the last few years, you can tell they are Canadian productions in 30 seconds of watching them. Bad acting, and in some of them almost blatant government propaganda, mostly in the firearms area, and yet I find some idiot waving a pistol around in many of them. There are some well done programs, but too much of what I refer to as, “typical Canadian corn”.

I’m sorry, but these are my opinions, and believe me, I’m not alone. I wouldn’t be surprised if you, and many of your colleagues agreed with most of them. If that is true, it’s time to step on the CRTC. I would be more than happy to pay an addition on my taxes to keep the CBC entirely commercial free.

Bob George,

Barriere, B.C.