Nomadic gophers cause neighbourhood conflict

letter to the editor from Carson Stone, Louis Creek - Nomadic gophers cause neighbourhood conflict

To the editor;

This intention of this letter is to bring awareness of the gopher infiltration from one property into a neighboring property on Fortune Road in Louis Creek.

While the landowner with the gopher epidemic is reluctant to alter the ever seemingly populace of the gopher, the residence adjoining his property (shared by a chain link fence) is being afflicted by his adamancy to not suppress the nomadic gopher. This may seem trifle to the landowner with the rodent population, however, human factors come into the equation.

My mother is ninety-years-old, with a fractured hip, and as a result of her condition, movement caused by chasing gophers out of the property is not at all idyllic. In fact, the movement could cause her to have a sudden collapse, severely injuring her condition to an even worse state. This event is a very likely scenario, one which would definitely constitute the involvement of a lawyer and the legal ramifications would be extreme.

Other notable inclusions involving the daily gopher epidemic invasion is much lighter in nature but still of a worthy mention, so much in fact that a legal representation could still be called upon to nullify the situation.

Property damage caused by the gophers, stress, anxiety and grief inflicted upon the residents of the adjoining property, are all factors that should not be dismissed.

The suggestion by the Stone family to the “gopher harboring” landowner next to us, is to be aware that our tolerance of this situation is now very close to the stage of proceeding with legal advisement concerning this matter.

Carson Stone

Louis Creek