North Thompon Communities Foundation has given $45,000 back to the valley

Each year the Communities Foundation sponsors community organizations grants

To the editor;

The recent meeting of the North Thompson Communities Foundation was held at the Aboriginal Sharing Centre.  Our monthly meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month – alternating between Clearwater and Barriere. The NT Communities Foundation is a member of the Communities Foundations of Canada; and as a member it is held to the very highest of standards.

Each year we sponsor community organizations with our grants.  As we have our moneys invested both locally and with the Vancouver Foundation we are able to ‘grant’ an average of five thousand dollars a year back into the community.  Over the past nine years of our existence this translates into approximately $45,000.

We have helped with community project such as the refurbishing of the Blue Rive, Little Fort and Upper Clearwater Halls. We have helped to fund events such as those put on by artisans and youth.  We have helped school programs, recreation groups, youth groups, community kitchens and 4H clubs.  It is exciting and demanding work.

The Board members are representative of the communities of the valley.  We also have persons who work with the Foundation members to fill in on all the committee work that needs to take place in order to make recommendations to the Board.

There is a place for anyone who would like to be involved, and volunteers are always welcome to approach us to offer their services.

Philanthropic giving is an amazing opportunity to support one’s community, as it provides citizens with an opportunity to support the valley without much effort on your part.  One way to do this is by monthly giving, which is done by asking your bank to transfer in a monthly donation from your account to that of the NT Communities Foundation or with post-dated cheques. Another thoughtful way is to leave money, stocks and bonds, or even property and life insurance policies to the Foundation.

We are ever so grateful to those individuals and families who have chosen one of these methods in which to support the future of the communities of this valley.

If you would like to find out more about the NT Communities Foundation please check out our website, or perhaps phone one of the Board members to discover how you can best be involved.

If you would like to become a ‘supporter’ – please let us know.

Chair for 2012

Cheryl Thomas


Clearwater, B.C.