North Thompson Communities Foundation can t your $260 into $1040

Thanks to the Smart and government's Caring Communities Fund

To the editor;

In recognition of Canada’s upcoming 150th Anniversary, all Community Foundations across Canada have been challenged by the Governor General of Canada to start a Fund that is available to address emerging community needs.  This is called the Smart and Caring Communities Fund.  Your North Thompson Communities Foundation has responded by creating our own Smart & Caring Fund to better serve the needs of the NT Valley from McLure to Blue River.

As you may know, the principal money donated to any Community Foundation is never spent – rather it is invested and only the interest is distributed to not for profit organizations.

This is the story of how one person’s contribution grew….

Telus employees and former employees are encouraged to support charitable groups within their communities.  This recently happened locally when one of these generous people decided to have a specified amount taken off of each cheque. At the end of the year, $260 was then ‘matched’ by Telus bringing the amount to $520.  Telus donated this $520. to the NT Communities Foundation Smart & Caring Fund.

Also, the Foundation in recognition of our 10th Anniversary, is currently offering to ‘match funds’ that are contributed, therefore, this $520. became $1040.  This explains how one contribution of $260 became $520 and then became $1040. We would like to publicly thank this far-sighted community member for supporting their local Community Foundation through their employer. We would also like to thank Telus for their leadership in matching this donation.

Cheryl Thomas, 2014 Chair

North Thompson Communities Foundation